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Selina Starno

BA Graphic Communications,
Eastern Washington University

Specialties: Software: WordPress Websites, Illustrator, InDesign, PhotoShop, AfterEffects, ImageReady, GoLive, Acrobat, PageMaker, Dreamweaver, Flash, Publisher, CorelDraw, Microsoft Office, Appleworks

Operating Systems: Mac and PC

Programming Languages: HTML, CSS


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Hello, I’m Selina Starno

When I’m not traveling around the world or off on amazing adventures, I am busy making the internet look nice and helping my clients find their visual voice.

I have been passionate about art and design for as long as I can remember. Posters, displays, advertisements, and packaging have always caught my eye.

Originally, my dream was to be a comic book artist. I spent my entire junior high school career painstakingly sketching and inking panels for my comic book, Totally Obvious Man (displaying a complete disregard for silly things like Algebra and English). When the comic developed a following, I taught myself html and posted it online, effectively igniting my passion for web design.

My interest in the field of Graphic Design for print was sparked when I took a desktop publishing class my freshman year of high school. I was fascinated by the melding of the traditional art world with the virtual world when using the computer to manipulate images and text. Years later I taught Visual Communications to undergraduate students and passed along my passion for typography and strong layout design.

Starno Designs is born from my love of this industry. The colors of my logo and website are CMYK, the colors used in 4-color process printing. Over the past 15 years of my career I have been honing my skills, teaching others, and striving to experience as many aspects of design and marketing as possible. This rebranding of my business from Selina Shehan Graphic Design to Starno Designs represents those years of growth that have made it possible for me to spend every day doing what I love.

I hope I can help you make your project something you will love too!


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Ryan Starno – Account Manager
Daniel Tolczyk – Admin Assistant


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About Starno Designs

Starno Designs is a creative design company specializing in Wordpress websites, logos, promotional materials, and illustration.

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